Sergeant David Karcharoth (Car-Car_awe-th).
Age: 20 Height: 5' 8" Weight: 145 lbs.
Karcharoth is a career soldier who has served in
dozens of militaries and dogs of wars since being
conscripted at the age of six. He is pragmatic and
rational, but often comes off as cold and uncaring.
He is a minor psycher, with a strong loyalty to his
friends, himself, and no-one else. He feels split over
his decision to escape after discovering himself to be
a werewolf. He wants to live, but doesn't really understand his own
loyalties toward the human race.

He would be classified as Lawful Neutral.

Author Notes:
Karcharoth functions as the main character, but only slightly more so than Skoll or Hati.
Originally he was a blank template sort of character, but as I began writting he changed
into more of a sterotypical mercenary. Initially he was supposed to have been a soldier
for so long that simple civilian actions would be confusing to him, but this was dropped
as the story became more serious. He is almost identical to his counterpart, Carcharoth, from
the original short story. He acts like a group leader, and I tend to use him to keep Skoll
under control, mainly because none of the other charcters can. He is named after Carcharoth of
J.r.r. Tolkeins The Silmarillion in which the character of this name was the most powerful
werewolf in the world, and is destined to slay the great hound Huan. He swallows the Silmaril
and goes on what can best be described as a rampage, killing everything he meets before dying.

Sergeant Catrine Skoll (sk-akl)
Age: 22 Height 5'6" Weight 132 lbs.
Skoll is a career soldier, with distinctions from some
of the biggest names in the war fighting trade. She
is brash and impulsive, with little regard for human
lives, especially her own. She is friendly and compassionate
to her friends, but ruthless bordering on sadistic to anyone else.
She is confident in her own abilities so sees no problem with being a werewolf.

She would be classed as Neutral evil

Authors Notes:
Skoll is admitidly my favortire charcter. Its just more fun writing evil characters.
She is the closest to the standard idea of an evil werewolves personality, violent, short-tempered,
paranoid, and proud. She has a much larger roll in the comic than she did in the short
story, but follows the basic characteristics. She is actually one of the hardest characters to
write, given that her charcter should be wholy unlikeable, but I wanted to portray her as a
tragic figure, despite her sins. Her name is taken from norse mythology (as most names in Cry Havoc
are), being that of the great wolf Sköll. Sköll was destined to chase the sun until Ragnarök where he
(yes the original Sköll was male, shows what I think about Skolls sensitivity i guess) would eat the sun.

First Sergeant Dacia Hati (Ph.D) (Hey-tea)
Age 25 Height 6' 0" Weight 135 lbs
Hati is a trained doctor, now working as a field
medic. By far the most compassionate of the squad, she has major
qualms about killing in anything but self defense. She often finds
herself at odds with Skoll’s gleeful disregard for others suffering,
and Karcharoth’s casual indifference.She is the most opposed to not
surrendering to the churches after discovering that they are werewolves.

She would be classed as neutral good.

Authors Notes:
Hati is the only charcter who comes across as openly likable, and is also by far the least similar to
her short story version who was a male charcter whos closest association is now lieutenant Sarg. She is
morally the most grounded so tends to be stuck opposing the majority of the others. She was changed to a
female early on to better balance the ratio of men and women. She tends to get alot of lines due to her
position as a foil for the other charcters, and this inability to get people on her side will probably end
up becoming part of her charcter. Her name sake was the brother of Sköll who chases the moon instead of the sun.

Corporal William Fenrir (Fen-rear)
Age 25 Height 6' 1" Weight 195 lbs.
Fenrir is a veteran soldier, with experience all across Europe. He speaks
his mind, but rarely acts without thinking. His actions are nearly exclusively
in his own self interest although he will go out of his way for people if
they can assist him. His mild temperament and patience make him a
natural ally for Hati, even if their views on his selfishness differ.
He sees lycanthropy as a blessing , wanting to find high paying work in Europe.

He would be classified as True Neutral

Authors Note:
Fenrir is kind of the oddball in this group, and is the hardest to write into scenes. Hes almost identical
to his short story counterpart, minus his history. He is however, much smarter, a fact that is hard to
show given his other notable characteristic, his habit of speaking without thinking. My main problem with
Fenrir is that I just don't like writting his lines, so he tends to get very little development. He is of course named
for the wolf that, durring Ragnarök will escape his bindings and kill Odin. He is also the father of Sköll and
Hati, something that didn not carry over into the comic. I almost regret naming Fenrir as I did given the
prevelance of norse myths to the narative, especially seeing as Karcharoths prophecy would fit much better
to Fenrirs name than his own.

Baroness Ashley Freyja
Age: 20? Height: 5' 6" Weight 112 lbs.
Freyja is a Swiss Baroness who owns the city of Bern, although she doesn't seem
to do much in the way of ruling it. She lives alone but for her bulter, in her mansion.
At one point in the past she employed Skoll, in what capacity or for how long is unknown.
She is friendly and outgoing, if a little absent minded and whimiscal. She currently employs
the Werewolves as body guards. She is employed by Arch-Duke Maximus to develop a quick adjusting
body armor, his intentions are unknown but seem to worry the Baroness.

She is Chaotic Neutral.

authors note:
Freyja is a fun charcter to write, given that any humor that this comic has comes from her. She is very light
hearted compared to the more serrious mercenaries, and so acts like a foil for their paranoia and defensivenss.
she didn't have a short story equivilant, but instead draws elements from a pair of charcters, a witch and a necromancer,
who were more background characters. She is named for the Norse god Freyja who rules over half of the dead in her
counter part to valhalla.

Bridagier General Arkady Molotov
Age: 51 Height 5'7" weight 165 lbs.
Molotov is a brigadier general in the russian Tsarist forces with ample combat experiance.
He took in Alexi Kozlov fifteen years ago and has been a surogate father to her, ensuring
quick promotion for her, and an ever loyal subordinate for him. He is gruff and down to buisness
and although his skills of diplomacy may be lacking for one of his rank, he always gets his way.
He speaks passable english and fluent russian, making him a good envoy to western Europe.

He is Neutral Good.

authors note:
Molotov is one of the easier characters to write, simply because for the most part he acts like a russian sterotype
(excpet for the drinking). This in and of itself actually makes him an annoyance because I try to write him as more than
another cold war bad guy. He's one of the few characters with an actualy sense of morality, even if it only seems to apply
to his adopted daughter.

First Lieutenant Alexi Kozlov
Age: 24 Height: 5'8" Weight: 135 lbs
Alexi Kozlov is a Lieutenant in the Russian army, under the direct command of her adoptive father, Brigadier Molotov.
The circumstances of her becoming an orphan are unknown, but she was taken under Molotovs wing at the age of nine and
has served with his unit, the Tsars Fourth Mounted Infantry, ever since. She and Karcharoth dated for a short while
before she discovered that he was employed by a Dog of War that was fighting the Tsar, the stand off resulting from this
discovery ended with Karcharoth falling out a three story window and Kozlov losing a portion of her ear and suffering severe
powder burns. She is consumate and profesional, but will act impulsivly if she feels that Molotov is threatened. Since
being introduced she has been made into the worlds first Werebear, and seems to be taking it better than most would.

She is Lawful Neutral.

authors note:
Kozlov is very similar to Karcharoth (birds of a feather?) but is much better adjusted owing to her relationship
with Molotov. Like David she is a psycher child soldier with few loyalties or friends, but has a much easier time
interacting on a social level. While not an exact copy, she is not a foil to Karcharoth either, falling more into
the catagory of his good or possibly his domesticated counterpart. This makes her easy to write, even if she tends
to end up on the short end of the straw.

Father Kaiser
Age:? Height 6'ish weight: ?
Father Kaiser is a Catholic Hunter, a speical branch of the church that is dedicated to the suppression of immortals.
He is stoic, and all but mute, letting Lieutenant Anderson speak for him. Little is known about him, but he is willing
to use whatever methods necessary to exterminate the immortal hordes, even if these methods lead to collateral damage or
innocent casualties.

He is Lawful neutral.

authors note:
Kaiser acts as a looming reminder of the churches power over Europe, and while not necessary evil like Skoll or Faustus,
is certainly an antagonist. His goals, while no doubt noble are over shaddowed by his indifference to the suffering of
innocents. The closer to the protaganists he gets, the more dangerous he appears, given his seeming single mindedness and
amazing tracking ability. In a grey and black world, hes very much on the darker side of the spectrum.

Leiutenant James Anderson
Age: 31 Height: 5'8" Weight: 152 lbs
Leiutenant Anderson is an officer in the Catholic Hunters, currently under the command of Father Kaiser. He is polite
and proffesional, often acting as a voice box for Father Kaiser.

He is Lawful Neutral

Authors note:
Anderson is one of the less interesting characters admitedly, seeing as he does little but communicate for Kaiser. While
not as ruthless as Kaiser, he is certainly of the 'ends justify the means' school of Vampire hunting.

Colonel Antony Toleki
Comander of the AEsir ThorSon troops located in Bern, Toleki is a careful and inteligent officer whos investigative style
is unpopular amoung his superiors. He has spent the past two years looking into Ashley Freyjas affairs, but is more
occupied with assisting the Catholic Hunters currently in his city. His disdane for Catholics is open, but seems to be
acceptable amoung other religious figures. He is far more willing to work with Werewolves than his allies.

He is lawful Good

Authors Note:
Toleki is an interesting creature, obviously similar in some reguards to Kaiser and Anderson, but is more cop than inquisitor
putting him in a unique position of being the only legally and morally good person thus far introduced.

Arch Duke Reginald Maximus
A mysterious monocled figure, tried employing Baroness Freyja to develop a special composite
body armor which failed spectacularly when she found out he was working for Santiago Venezuela.
He was recently promoted to Arch-Duke of Austria, a title he seems willing to abuse as he is now
heading to Austria to commit nefarious deeds.

He would be lawful Neutral

Authors Note:
Maximus is an archduke of questionable mortality with a monocle. what else need be said?
well apart from the fact that hes an austrain arch duke, a title that has a pretty lousy history...

VIcomte Santiago Venezuela
Age: Older than he looks (or so he claims!) Height: 5'7" Weight: 143
Loud, brash, impatient, and combatative, Santiago is Maximus' immediate supperior, and a high ranking member of
the organization known as the Coven. Working under the shoot first ask questions later style of leadership
he tends to make quick decisions that in the past have saved him, but will eventaully catch up with him.

Venezuela is true neutral leaning toward chaotic.

Authors Note:
Venezuela could be seen as a foil to maximus' slower and more even handed stlye, although he would actually
be more closley 'foiled' to Kaiser, given his position and influence. He's not easy to write, given that he
IS a respected leader. Who acts like a drunk frat boy with an army.

Captain Andrea Brynhildr
Age: 25 Height: 6' 2" Weight 165 lbs
The comanding officer of The Majan Hunter 'Bastard' company. She is efficent and domineering,
but has a soft spot for Karcharoth who she has known since she was young. She is proffesional
and well mannered and for the most part manages to keep her composure despite her dislike of
Colonel Faustus.

Like Karcharoth she would be Lawful Neutral.

Authors Note:
Brynhildr is the ideal proffesional soldier, with a strong loyalty to her own, although the limits of that
loyalty are bound to be tested. I'm kinda sad that she won't be in the comic again for a while, shes fun to write and
takes some of the load of Karcharoth who seems to get stuck making all the decisions.

Colonel Renee Faustus.
The comanding officer of the french royalties third infantry battalion, currently stationed in
the province of Ethiopia. He is headstrong but keeps his cool well. He has a personal distrust
of dogs of war due to events in his past, seemingly related to Skoll. He impulsivly ordered his
men to attack the dogs of war when Karcharoths squad transformed into werewolves, leading to his
and his entire companies demise. He has made a deal with some infernal creature to save his own life
and to hunt down the werewolves.

He is Lawful Evil.

Authors Note:
Faustus is a more complicated character than he appears, with deep seated fears and prejudices that greatly
influence his actions. Given more self control, he could very well be considered good, but alas, we become our
thoughts and actions, and if those line up with prejudice and violence, you really can't expect more than a
good mauling then deamonic possesion.

Big Red Wolf "wolf god" "franky"
Age: Who knows Height: uh, yey high? Weight: More than a regular wolf...
Either a vivid recurring hallucination, or else some kind of prophet or god, little is known about this guy
apart from the fact that he likes to speak prophetically about things that don't really qualify as prophecies.
He appears mainly to Karcharoth, and has shown an interest in keeping Freyja alive, which in some way involves an army...

Not enough is known about him or his motivations to deduce an alignment.

Authors Note:
Don't worry, he will get an proper introduction eventually.

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