Cry havoc is a fantasy webcomic set in an alternate history world. It follows the fates of four ‘Dogs of War’ (mercenaries) as they come to terms with their pasts, presents, and futures.
It is violent, contains coarse language, and, while not showing nudity(yet), does contain adult themes.
Small children and those who are either not mature enough or too mature should be kept a safe distance away.

This comic was initially inspired by a short and quickly escalating Instant messenger exchange in which fictional military and supernatural groups were combined, mutated or perverted.
This gave rise to one concept that caught my interest, a werewolf mercenary team. After too much time sitting around a library I got to writing a short excerpt of such a unit. A short (100 page)
story followed allowing me to create the templates of the characters now seen in Cry Havoc. While the names are similar, or the same, only two of the characters are similar to their
short story counterparts. The comic follows a similar overall story, but set in a radically different world.

The comic has a Wiki entry as well as a TV Tropes page. Both are open to public update should someone notice things I missed. They will contain spoilers, but that is kind of par for the course.

Cry Havoc is hosted on ComicGenesis, a free webhosting and site automation service for webcomics.