A name applied by both churches to denote non-human sentient species that pose a
clear and present danger to the human race. Immortal is a label, and does
not mean species under this classification do not age.


An infectious form of disease transferred by the Werewolves saliva, Lycanthropy manifests
during a full moon as rapid transformations into a human/dire wolf hybrid. When in
this state Werewolves are more aggressive, more impulsive, and far less likely to bathe.
They naturally stand on four legs, but are capable of walking on two giving them the
ability to manipulate their environment like a human would. Standing between 5 and 7
feet at the shoulder, they are between 10 and 12 feet tall at full height and can weigh
as much as 1500 lbs. They are much hardier than humans, and are all but impervious to
all but heavy weapons fire, but are damaged normally by silver weapons. Some of the changes
wrought by moonlight carry over into their human form, including increased senses,
strength, and reaction time. Through artificial methods Werewolves can be exposed to extra
moonlight, causing their wolf form to become larger and much stronger, to the point that doubling
the moonlight experienced triples the weight of the werewolf. The increase in strength is
offset by the difficulty the Werewolf has in controlling its actions sometimes resulting
in friendly fire or collateral damage. The infection comes with some innate knowledge,
including how to move effectively in what is essentially an alien body, and how to speak
and understand a language known as Wulfenbak.
Due to certain scientific or magical advances Lycanthropy can be altered with species other
than wolf characteristics. The only known example is the Werebear (ursinethrope) Alexi Kozlov.
Notable Werewolves:
David Karcharoth
Catrine Skoll
Dacia Hati
William Fenrir


Vampirism is an infectious disease closely related to Lycanthropy with a few notable differences.
While Lycanthropy manifests in wolf-like characteristics, vampirism appears to use bat properties.
Its transformed state is radically different than werewolves, under which the vampire grows
short hair over its body, extended ears, flattening of the nose, and most notably grows
short powerful wings from its shoulder blades. They are capable of flight, although the
exact physical and mental capabilities of a transformed vampire are debated. They are more
resistant to damage than normal humans, but are much easier to take down than werewolves
with conventional weapons. They have excellent reaction times, and are universally psychers
with their strength exponentially correlating with their age. The transformation is unique
to vampires, not only in that it adds entirely new limbs, but that it requires no external
stimulus to activate, allowing vampires to change forms at will.
Notable Vampires:
Daniel Jackson
Vicomte Santiago Venezuella.


AKA: Wiccas, Strigori
Witches are a nearly extinct breed of immortals that are externally identical to humans.
Little is known about their powers but they seem to include a form of direct
energy magic. Male Witches are known as Shamans, any differences between the genders are unknown.
Notable Witches:
Ashley Freyja.


AKA, Deamons, Devils,
Inhuman denizens of hell, demons are a multifaceted race completely separate from humans.
There are several different ‘breeds’ of Demons, the most common of which are the ‘Imps’
who are often used as little more than messengers, and ‘Devils’, a larger more humanoid
form. Other breeds are mentioned as fighting in the immortal wars including ‘harpies’,
‘ haplorrs’, and ‘hell hounds’. Little is known about demonic society outside of its
dictatorial rule by Satan or Loki, depending on your religion. Demons appear to be
capable of possessing or at least sharing a body with a willing human host, greatly
enhancing the hosts survivability.
Notable Demons and Demon Hosts:
Renee Faustus

AKA: celestrials A heavenly equivalent of Demons, Angels are a rarely seen species that assisted humanity
during the immortal wars. They are still occasionally employed by the Vatican’s Hunter teams.


Vatican: much like the Roman Catholic church was, the Vatican is large, powerful,
and unforgiving. The Hunter teams, known internally as “Supreme Sacred Congregation
of the Universal Inquisition”, are the most eliete units fielded by the Vatican to
counter immortal threats. Each team is employed by a single Inquisitor or Hunter who
hand picks his men from the Swiss guards, a more conventional army that defends
Catholic lands. Much of catholic dogma is altered to account for verifyable existence
of demons, angels and god.

Æsir: The predominant religion in northern Europe, Æsirism is a belief system
stemming from norse mythology largely focused around three major gods, Odin, Thor, and Tyr,
with a fourth Loki being the embodiment of evil in a similar vein to Satan in Catholic
mythology. The Æsir chuch contains a sizable force known as ThorSons, a warrior sect that
was instrumental in winning the immortal wars. Since that time it has become the major
military force of the Æsir, and are deployed at every city with an Æsir church. Unlike
their Christian counterparts, the ThorSons perform policing functions and have duties
other than the eradication of immortals.

Coven: A mysterious cabal of immortals and sympathysers, the coven has existed
for millenea and was the primary enemy of the churches during the immortal wars.
It employs large numbers of Dogs Of War discreatly and seems to bolstering its ranks.
Its size and influence are hard to judge given its secrecy.

Dogs Of War: Proffesional mercenary companies that make up the majority of fighting
men and women on the planet, dogs of war are an essential part of many fiefdoms security.
They are operated by merchant companies, closely monitored corporations that are under direct
control of a handful of people.

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